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What started as a simple backyard game for us has turned into so much more. It was July 4th of 2020, when we held our first cornhole tournament in Shemar's backyard, brackets scribbled on paper and bags from the local sporting goods store that covered our clothes in chalk. We instantly fell in love with the game, throwing tournaments every Sunday for the next year straight, bonding over cornhole and battling it out for custom championship rings. Fast forward to today and we've joined a local league, thrown with the best players in the game, played live on ESPN, and partnered with the American Cornhole League. On top of that, we've built an epic cornhole arena in Shemar's backyard, a place we like to call Airmail City.​


Our premium apparel and designs are inspired by our passion for the game and the people and players we've met along our journey. We hope to continue to grow the sport of cornhole, and shine a light on the stories and unique personalities of players across the country.  

- Shemar Moore & David Lim


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